Hello there! I’m Rich


You find me working, learning and teaching.

I studied Graphic Design at FADU – UBA, yearning to work with creativity and imagination to solve communication and identity problems for brands and companies. Editorial and information design caught my attention. But having the chance to be part of the teaching team in the career was a new perspective, one of those that change your life.

Since then, research, learning and the concern to know trends and technologies have fueled my curiosity about design, especially the digital one. And I’m so passionate about it that I can’t keep it to myself, I have to share it with someone else. That is why I also teach it. I think we all learn more when we teach something.

Currently, in addition to working in web development, leading projects for individuals, agencies and companies, I also teach design, communication and web technologies at Design and Digital schools.

And if I’m not working, well, I’m surely learning something new with some of my side projects.