Comercializadora Morres store


Summary: E-Commerce Store Redesign Project on WordPress and WooCommerce

In this project involving the redesign of an e-commerce store using WordPress and WooCommerce, key challenges were addressed pertaining to enhancing the user interface, highlighting promotions and featured products, optimizing the customer experience, and integrating with the company’s CRM tools and branches. The primary goal was to create a highly functional and visually appealing online platform that would offer a seamless and memorable shopping experience for users, while effectively engaging potential customers and aligning with the company’s business objectives.

Main Objectives:

  1. Web Interface Enhancement: A complete revamp of the e-commerce store’s interface was undertaken to achieve a modern, intuitive, and user-centric aesthetic. The focus was on usability, clear navigation, and the placement of visually appealing elements to guide users through the platform.
  2. Promotions and Featured Products: Visual strategies were implemented to highlight promotions and featured products on the homepage and other relevant sections of the site. This effectively captured user attention and increased conversions.
  3. Updated Product Catalog: Work was carried out to create a dynamic and easily accessible product catalog with up-to-date prices. Users could quickly explore products, filter by categories, and obtain detailed information about each item.
  4. Connecting with Potential Customers: An experience was designed to encourage interaction with users interested in the store’s products. Contact forms, live chat, and subscription options were incorporated to keep customers informed about news and offers.
  5. Integration with CRM and Branches: A robust integration was established with the company’s CRM tools and branch locations. This enabled efficient customer data management, as well as synchronization of inventory and orders between the online store and physical locations.

Throughout the redesign process, several stages of user-centered research and design were conducted. Interviews with current and potential customers were carried out to understand their needs and expectations. Information architecture was reconsidered to improve navigation, and interactive prototypes were created and subjected to usability testing to refine the design.

The final result was an optimized and visually appealing e-commerce store that achieved higher user retention, improved conversion rates, and more efficient integration with the company’s internal operations. The project not only met the established objectives but also laid the groundwork for ongoing growth and continuous enhancement of the online customer experience.