Comercializadora Morres store

Throughout the redesign process, several stages of user-centered research and design were conducted. Interviews with current and potential customers were carried out to understand their needs and expectations. Information architecture was reconsidered to improve navigation, and interactive prototypes were created and subjected to usability testing to refine the design. … Continue readingComercializadora Morres store

Proyecto Fenix Site

In this project undertaken by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Argentina, an informative website was developed to promote the labor integration initiative for Italian-Argentinians and Italian immigrants. The primary objectives revolved around creating a platform that would effectively facilitate the connection between employers and candidates seeking various job positions. … Continue readingProyecto Fenix Site

Catan Shopping Site V3

The focus on promoting brands, services, and unique experiences at the shopping center created a compelling appeal for visitors. The strategically presented institutional information also contributed to attracting new investors and tenants, solidifying “Catan Shopping” as a reference point in the region. … Continue readingCatan Shopping Site V3